Jesus Christ

Excerpts from letters of testimonies mailed to St. Matthew's churches are from people that have received the blessed by prayer and faith cross. Like in Bible days, they use the blessed cross as a point of faith contact for the miracle they needed in their life.

Detroit, MI “I had a heart attack, and the doctor had given up on me…Then I wrote to you and you wrote me back and sent me a Cross…and I am now all better and back to work. The doctors said it was a miracle. Also, I was blessed financially and blessed to pay my home off and the $8,000.00 repairs on it. I praise the Lord for everything. I thank God and your ministry.” A.C.

Oakland, CA “I want to thank you for praying…the doctor said she would not be able to get up again…I asked for a Cross for her. That same week she got better, and today she is at home…God has blessed me through your letters.” V.F

Miami, FL “I received the Cross…My husband was blessed with over $4,000.00.” C.L.

Houston, TX “Since I have received the Cross…the Lord had blessed my husband with a truck…God has healed my family and me… Continue to pray for my family and home.” A.B.

Hollandale, FL “The Golden Cross is a blessing. God has blessed my husband and myself with good jobs and blessed us with a car and good health… God bless you…for all the wonderful work you are doing.” A.B.H.

Philadelphia, PA “Before I heard of you, I was about to lose my home…I received a Blessed Cross from you and used the Blessed Cross as you instructed me to do…A few days later I received a $10,000.00 check.” B.J.B.

Baltimore, MD “I just couldn't wait to write you concerning my son…who was in prison. I wrote in for prayers for him…and I received my Cross. I took the Cross to the court with me. Now, my son had 18 charges. Praise the Lord. I held on to my Cross. The judge said, I dismiss all these charges. Loose this man…I am thanking God for you…and your ministry and all my prayer partners. Please continue to pray for us.” Mr. & Mrs. D.M.

Joliet, IL “There was a little boy 3…they took him to the hospital and they could not wake him…I remembered the Cross I had from you all, so I gave it to the grandmother and told her to put it in the child's hand and close the hand on it. She did and it was not long before the child awoke. Oh, how we thank Him for his life being spared… I am so thankful to God for His goodness.” E.R.R.

Detroit, MI “Since receiving…the Cross the Lord has made a way out of no way. He has blessed me wonderfully. My husband needed a car and was blessed with a new car. My bills have been paid better than ever. I thank God for everything…Continue to pray.” Mrs. F.R.

All testimonies are reproduced as reported with editing being limited to grammatical construction, updating, clarification and space.